Midwestern Based

We are a full-service photo and video production company with two offices, one in Marquette, Michigan and the other in Madison Wisconsin. 


We are the only production house of our kind east of the Rockies; our crew is prepared to work in any challenging environment while handling complicated logistics in remote locations. 


Our Specialty

We specialize in adventure, outdoor recreation, travel and economic development, however, we also shoot lifestyle, food and anything else you come up with. 


Experienced Team

Our team is comprised of outdoor recreation experts experienced in all outdoor pursuits. Passion drives our ability to create authentic branded content, telling true stories about real people is what inspires us to produce exceptional work.


All Inclusive

We have a deep roster of talented athletes and models ranging from young families to active seniors. We also have a stable of modern and appropriate outdoor gear that is constantly being updated.

It doesn’t matter if our clients don’t know a cyclocross bike from a cross bow--we do, and we can provide the equipment, clothing and athletes needed to craft the perfect marketing assets to reach the preferred demographic.

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Production  Pre / Post 

Creative Direction 




Location Scouting

Talent Scouting


Property/Talent Release

Project Management 

Photo Production

Video Production


Talent Management

Wardrobe & Prop Styling

Licensed Drone Ops

Cable Cam Ops​

Photo Editing

Video Editing

Client Review



Stop Motion


Location Services

No matter what the budget is, we use the best, including multiple cameras, gimbals, and aerial gear.  We also have a fleet of updated equipment such as kayaks, canoes, SUP's, fishing gear, cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, rock and ice climbing gear, ORV's, and snowmobiles to name a few.   

P.O. Box 177 | Marquette, MI  49855 | | Tel: 906-361-0373

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